2008 Collegium Conference Program in Chicago

Collegium, the annual gathering of UU scholars, will be held October 30 – November 2.  Below is a draft of the program.  You can register at http://uucollegium.org.

Held at Cenacle Conference and Retreat Center in Chicago, Illinois

Distinguished Guest: Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed

Mark Morrison-Reed is a longtime leader in both U.S. and Canadian Unitarian Universalism, and a pioneering historian of the African American experience within Unitarian Universalism. He has served as co-minister of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto and the First Universalist church of Rochester, New York. From 2001 to 2003, he served as president of the Canadian Unitarian Council Board. He is the author of Black Pioneers in a White Denomination, numerous articles and curricular resources, and the forthcoming memoir, Black Hippie.

Thursday, October 30
2:00     Registration
4:30     Social Hour
5:45     Supper
7:30     Ingathering: Welcome and Introductions
8:00     “In Between: The Memoirs of a UU Integration Baby” a reading by Mark Morrison-Reed

Friday, October 31
7:45     Breakfast
8:45     Devotions: led by Arliss Ungar
9:00     Sectional Meetings

“Howard Thurman 1899-1981: Minister, Theologian, Educator, Author, Mystic,” Arliss Ungar

“Invoking the Lives and Voices of Black Universalist, Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist Women,” Qiyamah Rahman

Theology/Ethics and Social Justice:
“Humanity at Hazard: Christ, Social Order, and Survival,” Lex Crane

“Women on the Threshold,” Shirley Ann Ranck

10:15     Break
10:30     Sectional Meetings

“Unitarians, Universalists, and the Social Gospel,” Dan McKanan

“Benjamin Bakewell and the Early Unitarian Church in Pittsburgh,” Kathleen Parker

“Self, Soul, and Subjectivity: Re-Emergent Notion of Self,” Dave Tarbell

Discussion of Religious Naturalism Today: The Rebirth of a Forgotten Alternative, by the author, Jerome A. Stone

11:45     Lunch
1:00       “A Saunter through the Sankofa Archives” with Distinguished Guest Mark Morrison-Reed
2:30       Break
2:45       Sectional Meetings

“Isabelle Sforza Zapolys and Sultan Suleyman,” Alicia Forsey

“Conrad Aiken and the Legacy of William J. Potter,” Richard Kellaway

Theology/Ethics and Social Justice:
“When Justice Gets Religion: The Role of the Ecclesia in the Public Square,” Preston Moore

“Postcolonial Feminist Theory and New Testament Biblical Interpretation: Deconstructing Social Constructs of Oppression and Servitude in Colossians 3,” Qiyamah Rahman

4:00     Free Time
5:00     Social Hour
5:45     Supper
7:00     Annual Business Meeting
8:00     Poetry Reading with Richard Kellaway, Master of Ceremonies

Saturday, November 1
8:00     Breakfast
8:45     Devotions: Political Hymn Sing with Dave Johnson
9:30     Plenary Session: Unitarian Universalist Peacemaking (Jane Rosecrans, chair)

“Prophetic Unitarian Universalism,” Jane Rosecrans

“Peacemaking as an Embodied Phenomenon: A Religious Naturalist Perspective,” John Hooper

“Deficient STARE time sans gender and spirituality considerations,” Betty Hoskins

11:45 Lunch
1:00 Sectional Meetings

Theology/Ethics and Social Justice:
“On Unitarian Universalist Duties: Looking Back to Kant and Cicero,” Myriam Renaud

“Peirce’s Wagers: Pragmaticism, Semiotics, and Theisms,” Johannes (Hans) Iemke Bakker

“A Call to Religious Pluralism: Liturgy and the Sunday Worship Service in Unitarian Universalism,” Ian Muhlhauser

“Three Little Heretics: Inquisitional Trials against Renaissance Scientists,” Scott Gerard Prinster
[Title TBD], Barbara Coeyman

3:15      Travel to Downtown for Meadville Reception and UU Scholars and Friends Discussion
4:00      Meadville Lombard Reception at AAR—ALL ARE WELCOME (no need to register for AAR)
Located in Palmer House Hilton, Clark 7

7:00      UU Scholars and Friends Discussion at AAR—ALL ARE WELCOME (no need to register)
Located in Chicago Hilton and Towers, PDR 3

Theme: “Religious Liberalism, Politics, and Empire: Resistance and Complicity”

Moderator: Susi Pangerl

Panelists: Jeff Wilson, Paul Rasor, Stephanie Mitchem, and Dan McKanan

Respondent: Anita Farber-Robertson

Sunday, November 2
8:00     Breakfast, Farewells, and Departure



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3 responses to “2008 Collegium Conference Program in Chicago

  1. This is to confirm that I will be coming to the Collegium Conference. My flight (CA #509) should arrive at 4:45 PM. I will travel directly to the Cenacle Conference and Retreat Center, where I hope to be able to stay. Perhaps I will be able to make it on time for the supper. I look forward to giving my talk on Friday at 1:30 or so. Cheers, ahimsa, Hans

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  3. hansbakkerguelph

    My collegium paper is listed on my web site: http://www.semioticsigns.com

    It is also “e-published” as an e-paper in the journal :

    I would love to have more comments. The discussion at Collegium was quite helpful.

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