Call for Unitarian/Universalist History Blogs

On the sidebar to right of your screen you may notice the roll for blogs that deal with Unitarian/Universalist/UU history.  Do you have such a blog, and would you like to see it included in this list?  If so, please point to it in the comments, and if it seems on target, it will be added to the blogroll.

This is a relatively primitive, preliminary manner of gathering and pointing to blogs working on UU history.  In the future, the UU Historical Society hopes to create a better resource and host it at their website.  But all projects have to start somewhere, and at least if you put yourself on the list the UUHS will be able to include you once things get going.  And perhaps some traffic will be driven to your site from here in the meantime.

What sort of blogs are sought?  Here is the UU Historical Society’s mission statement:

The Unitarian Universalist Historical Society supports research and scholarship in various fields of historical interest and provides programs and publications for the benefit of students, scholars, and others committed to promoting and preserving our Unitarian Universalist heritage.

If your blog deals in a regular way with matters that meet this mission, then it may well be appropriate for the blogroll.



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2 responses to “Call for Unitarian/Universalist History Blogs

  1. As you know I blog semi-regularly on UU history topics a “Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout,” .
    But it is a self-described “eclectic blog and has a lot of non-UU content including politics, current events, local events in the McHenry County area, memoir, poetry, and the kitchen sink. Probably 10% of content is UU history related, but some of that is fairly detailed. I don’t if you would want to list it as a history blog under those circumstances.

  2. Transient and Permanent

    Patrick, while your contributions at your blog are always appreciated, at less than 10% UU history it probably doesn’t currently meet what’s being sought after. That said, you’ve just provided a link to it right here in the comments, so anytime someone searches for “UU history” and “blogs,” this page will come up and they’ll be able to follow it on to your site.

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