Universalist Quote of the Day #109

“FAITH is the strength as well as the beauty of the soul; and requires all the strength that faith in an Omnipotent God can give, to sustain one in a conflict with War, Slavery, Injustice, Revenge, Robbery, and Murder, as these are organized and systematized in the religious and governmental institutions of this world.  Were it not for this faith, that gives the victory over the world, that makes one feel the sustaining power of an Omnipotent God, and makes one see that he has already entered upon his spiritual existence–to see that his eternity is already begun–the heart would utterly fail when we look around and see how many and how strong are the chains that bind human subjects to poverty, ignorance, war, injustice, and Slavery!  HUMANITY is chained, is sold at auction, hung on a gibbet, torn to pieces on the battle field, under the sanction of man-made religions and a spurious civilization.  But Christianity comes to enthrone God in heaven, to abolish slavery on earth, and to wave over the world, regenerated and saved, the bloodless banner of the Prince of Peace!  WE MUST WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT!”

–Rev. John Gregory, Three Anti-War Discourses.  Burlington: Chester Briggs, 1847: 73-74.


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