Universalist Quote of the Day #110

“I believe that much of the sin and evil in the world is the result of ignorance rather than total depravity–ignorance of the true character of God and his designs and requirements for his children, the whole family of man; for ‘he knoweth our frame and remembers that we are but dust.’  He will never punish us more than we deserve and will be for our good.  No unnecessary of vindictive punishment will ever be inflicted by a good and loving Father upon his own offspring, as we all certainly are.  For ‘He made us and not we ourselves.’  These are intuitive and self-evident truths and need no argument.”

–Daniel N. Prime, The Skeptic: Or, Discussions of an Unbeliever with a Calvinist, an Armenian, and a Universalist.  Newburyport: William H. Huse and Company, 1877: 90-91.


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