Universalist Quote of the Day #114

“A man would be chided by his fellow church-members, if he presumed to trade with a Universalist, and was libel to censure if he dared to hire the room beneath the Universalist Church, owned by Universalists, for business purposes.  To be a Universalist, was to be counted an infidel.  The name was synonymous with atheist.  Few dared to attend a religious gathering of this people, and among that few, women were afraid and ashamed to be seen.  She who dared brave public opinion so far as to attend, was counted ‘strong-minded,’ and her religion, if not her morals, was questioned.”

–Rev. Phebe Anne Hanford, Historical Sketch of the First Universalist Church and Society in New Haven.  New Haven: Hoggson and Robinson, 1873: 3.


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