Universalist Advent Services

Yesterday’s post was a transcript of a contemporary Universalist Advent service, based on the model of Music Sunday.  Are there other contemporary Universalist scripts for Advent services out there, or Unitarian-Universalist or Unitarian ones, for that matter?

What about other Advent traditions?  For example, the Universalist Church of West Hartford displays a wreath made of twigs at the front of the sanctuary during the Advent season.  Churchmembers who have lost someone since the last Advent season each tie a white ribbon on the wreath in remembrance.  Usually the wreath comes to be more white than brown, visually representing that many people have suffered losses but also that memory and love endure in the aftermath during the cold days of the year and the soul.

Advent, for those unfamiliar with traditional terminology, is the beginning of the liturgical year and signifies the season leading up to Christmas Day.  It begins on Advent Sunday and lasts about four weeks; Advent-related services may be held on each Sunday during this period.


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