Universalist Quote of the Day #121

“The way in which we arrive at our beliefs indicates an end to exclusion. Henceforth we will find it difficult to put up barriers which would make our church an exclusive elite. When we gladly concede the worth of all persons, which is both implicit in the principle of freedom and explicit in our charter of faith which imposes no creedal tests, we are also saying that the genius of our Universalism is its inclusiveness. We include all; shut no one out for any cause, color or condition. Now, universal salvation means that we seek the truest and best life, for each and everyone and recognize all forms of discrimination as ills to be overcome, not distinctions to be cherished.

Our forebears in the faith withstood calumny and scandal to proclaim their grand faith in the salvation of all souls in eternity. In our time the natural restatement of that grand faith is our proclamation of the inclusion of all persons in the area of the good life here and now.”

–Rev. Carl J. Westman, “What Do Universalists Believe” (sermon), 1/8/61


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