Margaret Fuller and James Freeman Clarke: The Answer to Today’s UU Trivia Quiz

We’ve got a number of winners for today’s quiz.  Ogre correctly identified James Freeman Clarke, and the Eclectic Cleric got Margaret Fuller.  There were other people who fit the description, though they didn’t qualify as actual answers: Ogre mentioned Theodore Parker and the Eclectic Cleric mentioned William Henry Channing.  Philocrites also chimed in with Margaret Fuller.

Both Margaret Fuller and James Freeman Clarke were born in 1810, and the UUA is planning to celebrate their bicentennials at the 2010 General Assembly in Minneapolis.  Fuller and Clarke were important Unitarian figures in the Transcendentalist movement.  For more information on them, you might want to check out the Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography:

Margaret Fuller

James Freeman Clarke

It all leads one to wonder: with Margaret Fuller, Theodore Parker, James Freeman Clarke, and William Henry Channing all born in the same year, what exactly WAS it that they were putting in the water back in 1810?  And can they add it again?


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