Universalist Quote of the Day #127

“This church stands for the cultivation of character.  It teaches personal righteousness as the end and object of religious endeavor.  It aims to free men from the slavery of sin and selfishness, and to bring into bold relief the divine image, which is the priceless endowment of every child of God.  In a word, it strives to save men and bring them to a knowledge of truth as it was in Christ Jesus.

It undertakes. . . to create and foster right social conditions.  It labors to bring in the kingdom of justice, sympathy, and love among men as members of a great social commonwealth.  It seeks to do what it can to properly adjust the relations between the various and often conflicting interests of modern civilization, to cement and strengthen the bond of fellowship and brotherhood between those who work with their minds and those who work with their hands.  It says to all men, ‘Sirs, ye are brethren, why do ye wrong to another?’  It champions the cause of the weak and oppressed, and insists that men are of much more value than money, and that the essence of social and political liberty is only found in absolute freedom of opportunity for each man to make the most of the faculties that God has given him.”

History of the First Universalist Church in Somerville, Mass. (Somerville: First Universalist Church in Somerville, 1905): 96-97.


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