Universalist Quote of the Day #128

“THE BIBLE IS A UNIVERSALIST BOOK. . . Who will not confess the perfect propriety of calling that a Universalist book, which so profusely teaches of us a Universal Creator, a Universal Father, a Universal Governor, a Universal Redeemer, a Universal Familyhood, a Universal Gospel, a Universal, Omnipresent Spirit, a Universal Resurrection, a Universal Re-Creation, a Universal Salvation, a Universal Subjection, a Universal Adoration, a Universal prevalence of Good, a Universal extermination of Evil, a Universal Law of Love, a Universal sinfulness and unbelief, a Universal Judgment, a Universal Repentance and Reconciliation, a Universal Church, a Universal Gift, a Universal Atonement, Universal Grace, Universal Goodness and Mercy, and a Universal Blessedness?”

–J. Victor Wilson, Reason for Our Hope: Comprising Upwards of a Thousand Scriptural Evidences, Direct, Illustrative, and Collateral, of the Doctrine of the Final Salvation of All the Human Family: Demonstrating the Bible to be a Universalist Book: The Selections Being Classified Under a Series of Fifty Distinct Propositions, Variously Expressive of “The Common Salvation.” Considerably Illustrated with Critical, Controversial, and Practical Remarks; Together with Scriptural Answers to Several Popular Objections. Being Another Testimony Against the Sacreligious and Traditionary Errors Prevelent in the Christian Church.  (Boston: Thomas Whittemore, 1846): xiv.


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