Changes to Transient and Permanent

It should come as no surprise when a blog named Transient and Permanent makes some changes, while still sticking to an overall framework.  For 2009, several features are being tinkered with.  First of all, this year the Universalist Quotes of the Day will no longer be drawn willy-nilly from the entire corpus of historic Universalist writings.  Instead, the quotes will come from the third edition of Voices of the Faith: A Birthday Book, Containing a Selection for Every Day in the Year from Writings Expressing the Universalist Faith, edited by J.W. Hanson and published in 1887 in Boston by the Universalist Publishing House.  A further change to this feature is that the quotes will be published every day of the week, instead of just Monday-Friday.  This project was supposed to begin on last Thursday but illness and technical difficulties delayed it.  Therefore, for those keeping score, today’s first post from that book is actually for the date of January 5.

Second, the Unitarian-Universalist Trivia Question of the Day will now become the UU Trivia Question of the Week.  The questions will remain focused on UU, not Unitarian or Universalist, trivia.  In keeping with a weekly format, the questions may well get a little tougher this year.

Third, expect to see more Book Notes here in 2009.  This feature was neglected in 2008 but is due to return shortly.  Along with books on the subject of liberal religion, relevant articles and other media may well appear here (a change in feature title or the addition of a new feature may be necessary, therefore).

Fourth, there will probably be an increasing amount of material on the intersection of liberal religion and Buddhism.  This includes both reflections on how Buddhism operates as a liberal form of religion in many instances, and notes on the historical interactions between Unitarianism/UUism and Buddhism, both in the East and the West.



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3 responses to “Changes to Transient and Permanent

  1. since I own a copy of Voices of the Faith: A Birthday Book, I’m a little disappointed that it wont be any new to me quotes…. ( I have a 4th edition -1891) – My birthday had a quote from the great SC Universalist – D.B. Clayton, a rather fun coincidence.
    We look forward to a great blog getting better (and how is that possible?) in 2009.

  2. Transient and Permanent

    Steven, thank you for your kind words. You’re one of the few people who read this blog who will have seen all the quotes before. I do regret that, since you’re also one of the persons who probably takes particular interest in the quotes in the first place. But I’ve found that the time involved in rounding up ever new sources not only substantially detracts from my ability to post more feature-type articles and reflections, it actually reduces the amount of Universalist quotes themselves! That is, since I don’t often have time on my hands, there are at times long stretches where no quotes appear at all. Better, I decided, to reduce my workload on the quotes and have them actually appear on a regular (indeed, increased) schedule, than not at all. And this way I’ll be able to spend more time on a wider variety of subjects and approached: the post on Carleton Pearson, for instance, would never had been written if I hadn’t had extra time left over due to not having to seek out fresh quotes.

    And yet, I do still regret not putting up “new” quotes during the coming year. Suffice it to say that I’ll be gathering original quotations on a more haphazard basis throughout the year (after all, my research keeps me constantly surrounded by this stuff) and therefore I’ll have a nice batch to get 2010 jump-started with.

    Similar logic prevailed with making the UU Trivia Questions weekly: the challenge of coming up with daily ones was preventing any from appearing at all. Now (starting next week) I’ll be able to keep a consistent schedule.

  3. Well I did say “little” disappointed – and I probably should have put more on the word “little”, “mildy”, “slightly”. I once sent the same Christmas message two years in a row, I got thanks from the same people two years in a row – that’s pretty typical formemory. A spectacular good quote might be remembered – but most good ones will be noted, and then as time goes on, forgotten to be enjoyed again when re-read.
    I have been tempted to add some of the sources of your quotes – but sometimes extra info just drowns a good quote with weight…..but the fact that Ive been inspired to do some searching shows how interesting some are….

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