Universalist Quote of the Day #136

“The Sacred Scripture does indeed call our God a consuming fire  (Deut. iv. 24) , says that rivers of fire go before his face (Dan. vii. 10).  As, therefore, God is a consuming fire, what is it that is to be consumed by him?  We say it is wickedness, and whatever proceeds from it, such as is figuratively called hay, wood, and stubble.  These are what God in the character of fire consumes. He shall come also as a refiner’s fire, to purify rational nature from the alloy of wickedness, and from other impure nature which has adulterated, if I may so say, the intellectual gold and silver.  Rivers of fire are, likewise, said to go before the face of God, for the purpose of consuming whatever of evil is admixed with the soul.”

–Origen Adamantius


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