Universalist Quote of the Day #140

“There was one prominent thought that took possession of my mind even in my boyhood years, and which has steadily remained there to the present time.  I thought of God as the Father of all spirits.  And it seemed clear to my mind that the relation of Father and child, subsisting between God and man, was such as could not be created by any acts of obedience on our part, or destroyed by any acts of sinfulness.  If the relation just named could be absolutely destroyed by sin, the sinner would at once be released from all filial obligation to his Maker, and would henceforward be regarded as no better than a beast.

In this seventy-fifth years of my age and fifty-third of my public ministry, the thought of which I have spoken is still uppermost in my mind, and it gives shape and character and strengthening to my Christian faith.”

–Rev. Asher Moore


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