Universalist Quote of the Day #146

“The sense of the universal is the sense of the divine everywhere.  We live by faith in the divine thought and purpose.  Earth and stars, sun, sky, and air, plants and animals, the dust-atom and man, are all significant to us by God’s working in them.  The darker providence we rest in him by faith.  The thing of beauty we hail with joy.  The life of virtue, tenderness, aspiration, so rich in thought, blessings, praise, and prayer, we receive as the divine pledge to man.  Life becomes more and more.  Our relationships to atoms and stars, creatures and men, are sacred.  Conscious duties are upon us.  And more than those duties are is God in the divine moralities working the infinite work.  In the faith of God, coming on the unseen courses of the Spirit, man in these scenes of outer nature, and in living and dying, is comforted.  God is better and greater than all earth’s need, than all human longing, need, and joy.”

–Rev. S. W. Sutton


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