Universalist Quote of the Day #153

“How can the existence of sin be harmonized with the divine goodness?  If God made man, and man sins, is God not responsible?  Certainly not.  We believe all the powers of man were made for noble uses: is he pervert these powers, the sin is his, not God’s.

A locomotive engine is constructed for a definite and useful purpose.  If the temperature of the boiler is raised too high, an explosion occurs, the train is set on fire, passengers and freight are all consumed.  The daily papers are filled with graphic descriptions of the dread calamity.  Who is held responsible for the loss?  Is it the man who first used steam for motive-power?  No. Is the one who made the engin to use the power?  No.  Is it the engineer,–he who runs the engine, he who through inattention was the sole cause of the terrible calamity?  Just so it is with man: he is an engine of God’s creative skill, called into being to work righteousness.”

–Rev. F.A. Dillingham


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One response to “Universalist Quote of the Day #153

  1. NakedTheologian

    The Rev. Dillingham’s claim that man is solely responsible for perverting his God-given lets God off the hook too easily. If God is omnipotent, as many religionists believe God is, then why does God not intervene to save the innocents aboard the train? Yes, the engineer was inattentive. But why does God allow the children riding the train to lose their lives as a result of his ‘sin’? This remains a persistent problem for those who think deeply about issues of theodicy. Is God omnipotent? If yes, then why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? If God is not omnipotent then why should we worship (or bind ourselves to) such a God?

    Visit my blog: http://www.TheNakedTheologian.com

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