Universalist Quote of the Day #156

“When we entered the ministry, ‘the tremendous creed’ of Calvinism dominated the Protestant world.  Our demand for a reasonable heaven and a reasonable hell grew into affirmations concerning the Bible and God and human nature.  These affirmations of Universalism have been so widely received that they have softened the heart of Christendom, and have done much to expel barbaric ideas and feelings from the Protestant world.  The general doctrine of our church has leavened community.  It cannot be supressed.  Its sweetness is in the very air we breath, free as the perfume of the world’s flowers.  The broadness of dominating religious ideas and sympathies may be largely due to the trend of liberty and general enlightenment; but the reason and benevolence of Universalism have done a good deal to make it a blessing to the race.

–Rev. J. Riley Johnson


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