Universalist Quote of the Day #160

“Let no one harbor a doubt of the universality, the inexorable, the unavoidable certainty, of retribution!  In spite of all deceiving appearances, we reap as we have sown, and receive as we have deserved.  The succession of effect to cause is not always instant or obvious: appearances may often seen to ignore of defy it as plainly as the sun seems to revolve around the earth; but the truth is only obscured, never subverted.  God REIGNS; that is the great first truth.  He does not merely contemplate and oversee; he designs, directs, and decrees, and is never disconcerted or disappointed.  What to us are aberrations, defeats, disasters, are, to Him ‘who foreseeth the end from the beginning,’ but steps toward the  fulfillment of his transcendent, beneficent purposes of universal good.”

–Horace Greeley


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