Popular Posts at Transient and Permanent

What are the most popular posts here at Transient and Permanent?  Based on individual page reads by visitors, the top ones list UU and liberal religion events at the American Academy of Religion’s 2007 and 2008 meetings, discuss how UUs change hymns, and offer an essay on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous Harvard Divinity School Address.

However, these statistics aren’t are clear as they seem.  For example, many people reach the AAR posts because they are googling someone listed there (indeed, many such searches appear to be vanity searches by the scholars themselves!).    And there have been other posts with technically less traffic but significantly more comments and/or links by other blogs.

Do you have particularly favorite posts or themes here at Transient and Permanent that you would like to see highlighted or increased in frequency?  Or stuff that really makes you scratch your head or wish it’d never been put on the internet?  It’s always useful to get some constructive feedback from time to time, and perhaps your comments will help certain subjects become more transient or more permanent here in the future.


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