Universalist Quote of the Day #162

“Universalism is the loving of God supremely, as our Father, and the doing to all men in all things as we would they should do unto us.  It proposes to make all who believe its doctrine, and carry that doctrine out in practice, just what the honor and highest happiness of man require.  It presents for human consideration truths and purposes in regard to the character and will of God, concerning the objects and certain result of the divine government, to which all mortal beings are amenable, which are at once cheering and purifying, as it proposes to bring all intelligences into a state of holiness and happiness in the kingdom of immortality.  And hence its tendency to induce supreme love to God, as the divine Originator of that wonderful plan of grace manifested and exemplified in his Son, and which, while it admits of a just retribution to every sinner, according to his works, at the same time contemplates the final destruction of all sin and the salvation of all sinners.”

–Rev. John Moore


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