Universalist Quote of the Day #177

“Christianity is pre-eminently beautiful, rich in truth, and infinitely superior to all other religions, either ancient or modern.  The soul-inspiring doctrine of universal salvation is rooted in the sublime truths,–the Fatherhood of God, the authority of the Bible, and the divinity of Christ.  In tones as sweet as the voice of ‘Eternal Goodness,’ it encourages and strengthens the blissful hope of redemption.

In its idea of punishment, in its soothing power, in the hopes it inspires, in the faith it encourages, in the sweet peace it imparts, and in the fact it makes the bed of change to the believer the gate to increasing glory,–it stands in the light that gleamed with the brightness of heaven upon the Mount of Transfiguration.  It is emphatically the power of God unto salvation, and universal in its application.”

–Rev. N.R. Wright



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2 responses to “Universalist Quote of the Day #177

  1. Transient and Permanent

    I almost never annotate these Universalist quotes of the day, and they don’t attract much commentary, either. But I wonder if today’s offering will be an exception. Modern UUs just don’t sit well with the idea that Christianity is superior to other religions, even though it was a basic principle held by most of our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors.

    To be fair, many if not most of Rev. Wright’s contemporaries, no matter what religion they practiced in whatever part of the world, would’ve affirmed that their religion was the best. In Rev. Wright’s case, he is not simply pushing an ethnocentric idea of the in-group being superior to out-groups. Rather, he is proclaiming a Christianity that contains no real out-groups: in Universalism everyone is part of the in-group, destined for salvation. Other religions do not meet his mark because they do not contain the full revelation of God–yet perhaps even more essentially they fail not because they belong to others, but because, so far as he was able to determine over 100 years ago, they divided humanity into the saved and the damned, a distinction he was unwilling to foster.

  2. The problem is believing that one god is different than another god. I don’t have a clue what god’s real name is anyway.
    I can assure you that there is a Universal Truth, and that people call this Universal Truth by many names.

    We know Him as God, but in Islam He is known as Allah, and in Judaism he is generally known as Yahweh. El = God = ALLAH

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