Universalist Quote of the Day #181

“Hell is an evidence, therefore, of God’s interest in the welfare of his children.  Every smart of pain, every burning remorse, is a message direct from the Father, saying, ‘My child, you are doing wrong to yourself and to others by your sinful courses, you are imperilling the welfare of many with your own; you must “break off your sins by righteousness;” you must come up out of your degradation, however deep it may be, and go on your way to heaven.’  Hence we say, love is inexorable, and will have its own.

Universalists alone have grasped the significant fact that justice is the offspring of love, that righteous retribution is applied under the direction of love for the recovery of the lost.  Hell, to our apprehension, is salutary discipline, just as severe, and just as protracted as may be necessary to recall the sinner to himself, and awaken the penitent resolve to return to return in submission to his Father.”

–Rev. S. Goodenough


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