Universalist Quote of the Day #182

“Through many of these years, marked by varied experiences, I have been a believer in the doctrines as held by our beloved Church.

It has ever been my great desire to live these doctrines in all life’s varied relations, so as to commend them to the earnest consideration and acceptance of mankind, believing in their great helpfulness in making mankind better and happier.  As the years move on, and I reach the border-line which divides the future from the present, I value and cherish our faith more and more; and as I have lived in its blessedness, its peace, and sunshine, found it the one thing needful at all times, I am confident I shall find it the same to the end of mortal being, preparing the soul for its peaceful exit from time, filling it with joyful expectancy of a glorious life of immortality for all God’s children.”

–Mrs. C. Porter


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