Universalist Quote of the Day #183

“‘The larger hope’ is the staff on which men lean in hard times.  It may be influentional in making life brighter under ordinary conditions; it must of necessity be the stay of man when the heart is bowed under any serious grief, or death invades the household.  The touch of affliction–who has not seen it in the mute appeal of tear-stained eyes, in the clinging grasp of a tremulous hand, and in that silence so charged with mingled doubt and hope?  I have seen persons racked by grief, yet firm through faith, watching the death of the dearest hope, yet seeing in the promising future some compensation; touching the lips of love as they lay in the jewelled casket, yet seeing as by vision that promised state where they retain all that is lovely, and wait like guardian watchers: and when I have seen this, I have blessed that faith whose keynote is the motto, ‘He doeth all things well.'”

–Rev. W.S. Vail


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