Universalist Quote of the Day #184

“I believe, then, in God, my father.  I feel in my heart that I have access to and communion with him, as Abraham and David did.  Let us endeavor to walk with him as our friend, step by step in our way of life.  Let us feel, that like a good, wise father, he appreciates and loves good acts, and rewards them.  He requires us to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly; and may our hearts be set to obey him.  As I could joyfully live with the best man I ever heard of, or with one who should combine all the best qualities of all the best men who ever lived,–Plato, Socrates, Moses, John, Paul, Fenelon, Howard, Ballou, Boyden, and Lincoln,–a just, patient, humble society, whose wisdom and patience would be so great as not to overbear me, but rather to bear me up, so could I joyfully live with him.  I believe in his divine Son, my Saviour, through whom I better know and love the Father, and am greatly helped and cheered in all the hopes and efforts for good.”

–Rev. E. Fisher


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