Universalist Quote of the Day #197

“The Christian religion is exhibited by Universalism in two striking phases–the rational and the spiritual.  In the former is a clear, logical presentation of her doctrines, and in the latter a practical exemplification of them.  In order to have the better part of man’s nature quickened and cherished, there must be an accurate knowledge of what Deity proposes in the final destination of his subject creature.  When it is manifest that God is ever near, that he will never leave us nor forsake us, the soul has something of an intrinsic and everlasting value to cling to.  It must be a glorious truth to every soul to know and realize that our heavenly Father in ever near, watching our every thought and footstep, thus constantly enhancing the spiritual aspirations.  It frees him from the terrors of a religion of gloom, and causes him to enter at once upon a happier and nobler life.”

–Rev. J.P. MacLean


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One response to “Universalist Quote of the Day #197

  1. The Simple Light Cafe

    Great quote.
    It reminds me of Jesus reminding religious leaders of his time that it is the
    goodness of God that leads one to repentance.
    The kind of love spoken of here is what the carol writer must have meant when saying, “…and the soul felt its worth,” when referring to the birth and appearing of Jesus the Christ.
    That quote is a great springboard for discussion.
    Thanks for sharing…Nate

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