Universalist Quote of the Day #203

“The human soul will not be satisfied with one world, any more than the body will with one dress.  We can enjoy the present, only as we look to the future.  It is the boast of materialism to enjoy this life in sweet contentment and pleasure; yet memory will look backward, and hope forward, and immortality, like a star, rises between the fading lines of memory on the one side, and the gathering joys of hope on the other, and crowns the soul with an everlasting triumph.  God weaves the promise of a future life like a rainbow, over our horizon; in its prismatic hues we see the deathless flowers that bloom in the world’s Eden, while under its shining archway we stand at the gate of heaven, and behold its reflected rays as they fall upon the sweet babe in the cradle, and creep tenderly as evening’s shadow over age as it trembles by a coffin.”

–Rev. Moses Henry Houghton


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