Universalist Quote of the Day #210

“God has kept his word, and been true to holiness in all his dealings with sinners.  He hates sin, and he resists and punishes it; and by and active and benevolent providence he has wrought to save sinners, to make an end of sinning, and to bring men to virtue and peace with God.  So much we may know of the divine procedure in relation to sin and sinners. God is hostile to sin: he has no purposes to serve by it, never gave his consent to it, forbade it at the first, and has steadfastly resisted it ever since; and he has assured us that he can never accept it, nor become reconciled to it.  All this means that there shall be an end of it in the moral universe.  God’s power, wisdom, goodness, and holiness are all pledges of this result.”

–Rev. A.G. Gaines


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