Contemporary Universalist Preacher Carlton Pearson on Dateline

Carlton Pearson was a famous Christian preacher, but he lost it all when God opened his heart to Universalism, the gospel of inclusion.  Since then, Pearson has rebuilt his community on the basis of love, rather than fear, and this weekend he is the featured speaker at the 2009 Unitarian-Universalist Christian Fellowship Revival celebration in Tulsa (here’s an early report on the festivities).  If you can’t be there in person, you may at least enjoy viewing Pearson’s appearance on Dateline from 2006, now available online.  You can watch both parts of the story (part 1, part 2) and read a transcript at the Dateline site.  At a little under 20 minutes in length, it could be a good launching pad for group discussions at UU congregations.



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3 responses to “Contemporary Universalist Preacher Carlton Pearson on Dateline

  1. I am glad Carlton has found a home among the Unitarian Universalists as I have. However I think he would profit from spending some time with the Swedenborgians who seem to have fairly unconventional ideas about heaven and hell. What they teach could probably be seen as a compromise between Calvinism and Universalism.

    It is interesting to note that Swedenborg claimed to go to both heaven and hell, so his comments should at least be looked at.

    I have read Swedenborg’s book HEAVEN AND HELL, and that is one reason why I do not fully embrace Universalism.

  2. teresa scott

    i am looking to connect with this preacher. Please help.

  3. Betty Spence

    I’m wondering if he has a Website ????????

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