Universalist Quote of the Day #213

“Universalism in its doctrinal truth and practical manifestation is the gospel of Christ in its divinest essence.  It is the fatherhood of God in a diviner relationship than the human mind can really conceive, and sweeter in spirit than human sentiment can really enjoy until the soul passes over into the ‘beautiful by and by.’  Its tendency, even amid the temptations, sins, sorrows, and trials of material life, is to benefit without dread, bless without fear, comfort in the hour of severest affliction, and tends to the glorifying of God on earth.

Universalism is to me but the promises of God fulfilled, the gospel of Christ perfectly demonstrated in the righteousness of life and the overcoming of evil with good, both in time and eternity.  This is what the world needs to know and believe, that the soul of man may be both holy and happy now and forever.”

–Rev. Benjamin Brunning


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