Universalist Quote of the Day #216

“One of the greatest beauties of the Universalist faith is the idea of completeness.  Our glorious faith teaches us to look forward to the time when the earnest and hearty wish of every good man shall be satisfied.  The structure will not be incomplete when the work of God is finished.

Evil and sin, it is true, are all too abundant in this world, they are matters of the commonest observation in our daily life, and God sent his only-begotten Son into the world, that the human race might be freed through him from the bondage of sin and consequent misery; and every good man desires that this work should be perfect and complete.  Much more, then, does our heavenly Father desire it, as he is infinitely superior to us in goodness.  He will never be satisfied until the last one of his erring and sinful children has been brought into the fold of the Good Shepherd, and made holy and happy.  When there shall be no missing link in the chain, and not until the last child of God has been thus redeemed, will it be possible for any of his children to be entirely happy.”

–Rev. John Julies Weeks


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