Universalist Quote of the Day #223

“How glorious the result of the Saviour’s mission!  No subject of reflection can equal it for the grandeur of its theme and the blessings it involves to the race.  By its view of man’s assimilation in thought, feeling, and act, to the will and wishes of God and his dear Son, and consequently of the swallowing-up of evil in the boundless sea of love and purity, it excites brilliant hope, such as makes the darkest cloud of sorrow beautiful and promising.  Its contemplation, and familiarity with it, excite the moral powers, as contemplation of the conduct of good men excites benevolence to action.  For while tracing the wondrous love and mercy of God, and the intense devotion of the Saviour, we become impressed with the great blessings they have showered and will continue to shower upon us, and grow into that state of being which shows that the goodness of God leads us to repentance.”

–Rev. G.W. Montgomery


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