Universalist Quote of the Day #229

“We do not believe any of the forms or doctrinal statements of any of the churches in Christiandom is itself spirit.  No Bible word as it rests upon ordinary printed pages is itself spirit.  Forms, dogmas, the most sacred words, all become spirit to mankind, only when they are refilled by the spirit which God breathes through mankind into them, and through them into mankind.  We as a church, being substantially correct in our intellectual comprehension of the specialties and generalities of the Christian religion, are fruitless, if we are not wise enough to apprehend this truth as a pervading spiritual force in its soul-meaning, and great enough to use it in the same almightiness.  And we will not accept the possibility of failure before we have sought to measure our faith through and through, and until we have absorbed and made every way practical the whole of it according to the law and gospel of the spiritual universe.”

–Rev. C.R. Moor


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