Universalist Quote of the Day #233

“When, after long struggles, through ways of darkness, with no one to counsel, a child in an opposite school of faith, I came to a knowledge of this great truth, it seemed to me a foregone conclusion that there could be nothing in this world for me to do but to give my powers and my life to the promulgation of the great, the glorious truth, which is the one thing which this world needs to bring us to the dawn of the millennium morning.  And I look to the influence of woman in the future,–added to the influence of our brother-man, who has so long and so grandly worked,–as she shall wisely use the abilities which God has given her, to hasten on the time when we shall everywhere hear the triumphal notes of the gospel, and the hosts of Zion shall go forth to victory; when the kingdoms of the world shall be subdued, and become the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

–Rev. Augusta Chapin


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