Universalist Quote of the Day #234

“Orthodoxy assumes that men are here forming characters for eternity.  And the character which Universalism will form when it is received as a practical life-principle, the love of God for what he is, and the love of righteousness for its own sake and for Christ’s sake–this character will be of all things most desirable for eternity.  Those nominal Christians who tell us, that, if it were not for the fear of hell, they would give free reign to lust and passion when they bow before the eternal throne, if they are not changed, know that their vacant, graceless souls are naked to the All-Seeing Eye; ashamed of themselves, they will look for hiding places, as did the first pair in Eden.  But they will be changed; the light of infinite grace will fill their souls with love, and, in the consciousness of much forgiven, they will love much.”

–Rev. Sylvanus Cobb


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