Universalist Quote of the Day #241

“Judgment and correction are twin-born.  They were conceived in the inner heart of hearts.  They are born of a mother’s tender love for her child, of the law’s regard for its subjects, of the great Father’s affection for his offspring.  Judgment is not the culmination of human history.  It is the concomitant of accountability.  And all men will be accountable as long as they have a spiritual Ruler higher than themselves.  “Eternal judgment,” therefore, is the better phrase, and the biblical one too.  Judgment precedes correction, and correction is the mother of righteousness.  Judgment, then, is a guide to the gravitating power which wins all souls to the Father.  It is not our enemy.  It is no less a friend than the grace of God.  It is a beneficent angel to mankind.”

–Rev. Aaron A. Thayer


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