Universalist Quote of the Day #242

“It is one of the remarkable facts in the study of Universalism, that while the name and dogmatic form are so generally rejected, and sometimes so fiercely denounced, and of its essential ideas and principles are to be found pervading the opinions, moral effects, and richest experiences of all sects, the vital and most effective elements of all Christian faith, philanthropy, and life.  Destroy Universalism, and, so far as their definite and harmonious doctrinal statements are concerned, we should see a commotion and hear lamentations such as were never before witnessed in the churches.  The disciples of the severest and the most liberal creed would alike mourn the loss of what is most precious in their faith, and, pining especially for that which had been their best helper in weakness and sorrow, they would cry with Mary, ‘They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have lain him.'”

–Rev. E.G. Brooks


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