Universalist Quote of the Day #244

“There was never a human body so depraved in its habits as not to delight in the bath: face and hands can hardly be found so soiled as not to say, ‘Wash me.”  So there is always a moral feeling in the soul which prays, ‘Cleanse me from my sins.’  And this proves that sin is not constitutional; that we were formed with reference to a life of purity; that the original powers of our nature look toward holiness.  This power, however, to be complete masters, needs the assistance of the Holy Spirit.  Human nature is incapable of saving itself: hence a Saviour has been provided for it.  Human nature will remain the same in the future world: it will continue eternally ‘personal and free.’  The mission of Christ and of the Holy Spirit will also extend into the future world: hence the ultimate salvation of mankind.”

–Rev. J.H. Tuttle


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