UU Trivia Question of the Week: Buddhism in the Hymnal

With the summer research period starting to wind down, it’s time to get some of the regular features here at Transient and Permanent back on track.  In other words, it’s trivia time!

This week’s trivia question takes a look at the current UUA hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition.  This hymnal offers the most diverse collection of song and reading sources that Unitarian-Universalists have ever produced.  One measure of this diversity is how many of the inclusions come from religions other than Unitarianism/Universalism/Christianity, the direct tap-roots of the denomination.

Since this blog also has an interest in Buddhism, especially where it intersects with UUism, this week’s trivia question is: how many songs and readings in Singing the Living Tradition come from Buddhist sources?

Extra credit if you can list them.



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5 responses to “UU Trivia Question of the Week: Buddhism in the Hymnal

  1. These are the ones I can readily locate:

    181: Text from Sutta Nopata
    183: Text by Sarojini Naidu is listed in the index as Buddhist, but wasn’t she a 20th-century Indian poet and politician? Was she a Buddhist?
    184: Text attributed to Gautama Siddhartha
    595: Adapted from Bodhisattva vows
    596: From Metta Sutta
    597: From Dhammapada
    598: Unknown Buddhist source

  2. Transient and Permanent

    Philocrites has done a very good job here. However, there are still more Buddhist texts in the hymnal that he hasn’t listed. Keep looking!

    As for Sarojini Naidu, she typified a sort of pan-sectarian Indian religious nationalism of the 20th century. Most often based in Hinduism, it also embraced other Indic religions as expresses of Mother India. One can make an argument that her poem (set to music for the hymnal) is either Hindu or Buddhist: she is a Hindu writing on a Buddhist subject. For our purposes, it probably deserves to be on our list here.

  3. Add the following reading:

    505 by Thich Nhat Hanh
    554 by Thich Nhat Hanh
    679 which repeats the words of 184

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