Universalist Quote of the Day #257

“There is a great movement going on, deeper than most of us are aware of; but this movement will not be stayed any more than Luther was, its prophet.  Luther, little as he knew of actual results, was its beginning.  When his work completes itself, we shall get back to a Christianity free of corruptions, free from empty dogmatism, full of hope, vigorous, no longer apologetic, but aggressive, like the Christianity of the Day of Pentecost and of the Universalist Christian fathers of the first three centuries.  Luther did not see our day; but it was Luther himself who said, ‘Now see and learn, Christian reader, by my case, how difficult it is to cast off and get free from such errors as the whole world confirms by its example, and which by long habit have become second nature.”

–Rev. Dwight Hodge


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