Universalist Quote of the Day #262

“Home is where the heart is.  But we cannot keep our dear ones there; our arms cannot hold them.  There are empty chairs in the home; and voices we have loved to hear are silent.  We shall find them all in heaven.  In the churchyard, by gray headstones, in graves fragrant with flowers, and dewy with tears–do you think they sleep there?  No, no.  The body to dust, the spirit to God who gave it.  The home circles will be filled again.  We shall meet our friends there.  And the circle shall not be broken.  With arms extended wide, they will meet us.  Beyond the rushing waters shall we not catch the gleaming of their white robes, as they beckon to us from the other shore?  Shall we not hear them singing the old songs–song of welcome?  Lo!  they crowd to the river’s bank, and watch us with joy as we cross.”

–Rev. G.H. Vibbert


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