Schedule for Collegium 2011

Collegium is the annual conference for Unitarian-Universalist scholars, be they undergraduates or senior professors.  This year the gathering will be in Los Gates, CA, timed to be advantageous to scholars attending the American Academy of Religion annual meeting in San Francisco.  For more information and to download the conference registration form, visit  Here is the current schedule for Collegium 2011:


Presentation Retreat and Conference Center

Los Gatos, California

Wednesday, November 16- Saturday, November 19

Wednesday, November 16

2:00     Registration

4:30     Social Hour: Special Welcome to UU Doctoral Students and Seminarians

6:00     Dinner

7:30     Ingathering: Welcome & Introductions

8:00     Distinguished Guest Gabriella Lettini: “Community Truth Commissions as Spiritual Discipline and Lived Theology”

 Thursday, November 17

8:00     Breakfast

8:45     Devotions

 9:00     Session I: Unitarianism

Megan Joiner: “Fresh Thoughts on Public Theology: The Discourse of Nineteenth-Century Unitarian Women”

Sheri Prud’homme:  “Apocalypse of the Mind or Creative Middle Ground: God, Nature and Humankind In Emerson’s Nature”

Lydia Willsky: “William Ellery Channing, Frederick Henry Hedge and the Dilemma of the Embodied Woman”

10:45   Break

11:00   Session II: Universalism

Bob Lane: “The Restorationist Controversy and the Challenge of Punishment”

Avery Guest: “The Decline of the Universalism in New York State”

12:00   Lunch

1:30     Distinguished Guest Gabriella Lettini: “Moral Injury as a Hidden    Wound of War and the Need for Soul Repair Communities”

3:00     Break

3:15     Session III: Religious History as Narrative

Arliss Ungar: The Life and Times of Francis Cutting (1834 – 1913): Unitarian Lay Leader,

Businessman, Benefactor

Helene Knox: “Chronology of the Radical Reformation in Transylvania”

Richard Kellaway: “Rev. John White, The Founder of New England; Launching the Journey Towards Unitarianism”

5:00     Social Hour

6:00     Dinner

7:30     Annual Collegium Business Meeting

 Friday, November 18

8:00     Breakfast

8:45     Devotions

9:00     Session IV: 21st Century Liberal Theology

Allison Downie: “Turning Inside Out: Toward an Ecofeminist Spirituality of Openness”

Patrice Curtis: “Taking Testimony, Giving Testimony”

Myriam Renaud: “The Evolution of the Symbol-Concept, God, in Gordon Kaufman’s Theology”

10:45   Break

11:00   Session VI: A New Unitarian Universalist Primary Source Collection: A Brainstorming Session led by Dan McKanan

12:00   Lunch

1:30     Session V: Panel: UU Epistemologies: How Unitarian Universalists Know What They Know

3:30     Memorial

5:00     Social Hour

6:00     Dinner

7:00     A Reading of Poetry Inspired by UU forebears with Helene Knox

8:00     Ingathering: Reflections and Conclusions

 Saturday, November 19

8:00     Breakfast, Farewells, & Departure


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