Resources on Liberal Islam

The study of liberal religion, especially in the history of North America, is typically focused on looking at a fairly narrow range of Protestant and Jewish groups, with some Catholic movements as well.  But the liberal impulse is hardly confined to these familiar locations.  One important–but widely unknown–place that it has appeared is within Islam.  The average Westerner’s opinions about Islam don’t typically include any sense that it has produced liberal movements; quite the opposite.  But Islam is a diverse religion, just as Christianity and Judaism are–indeed, how could 1400 years of history and more than 1 billion followers with a presence in nearly every nation not produce diversity?

To help make sense of liberal Islam, here are a few useful starting resources:

Liberal Islam: A Sourcebook

Modernist Islam, 1840-1940: A Sourcebook

Progressive Muslims

Qur’an, Liberation, and Pluralism

Islam and Modernity

Jaringan Islam Liberal

Muslims for Progressive Values

Averreos Foundation for Faith and Reason in Islam

Liberal Islam Net


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  1. ms

    Hello Friends, I thank you for raising Islamic awareness by offering these links to your readers. Being Muslim, my critique is that the post may point to a need for reform within Islam, or that Islam, which is other than labelled liberal or progressive, is somehow less… good. 🙂 I also feel this implication was not your intention, and your post is perfectly in line with the theme of your blog 🙂 As a (female) muslimah, I’m able to see Islam as pure, timeless, liberating, and revolutionary. Before the time of Muhammad’s prophecy, there were Muslims. We also see Jesus as a perfect Muslim and a Prophet (guide) … and any man or woman who acknowledges one God and bows and prays and depends on the creator of the universe is a Muslim. I see this as the natural disposition of a human being. We all depend and submit to God, Allah, to an extent, whether we acknowledge it or not… we are utterly dependent for the gift of our days and nights and sustenance and every blessing we know…There is no superiority of race, or class, or nationalism…we are only in varying ranks as humans based on our good deeds and righteousness, while not denying the creator of all that is in the heavens and the earth 🙂 We recognize that Muhammad was a prophet, along with countless other prophets. Peace be upon all the Prophets. Looking into the roots of Unitarian thought, I see so much common ground between a Unitarian and a Muslim. Peace. Salaam.

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