A Survey of Non-UUA-Affiliated Unitarian Universalists

Tandi Rogers, the Growth Strategy Specialist of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, is reaching out to UUs beyond the walls of UUA-affiliated churches.  This means people who identify as Unitarian Universalists, but don’t attend churches that are part of the UUA (what she calls “Free-Range UUs).  It is well known that perhaps the majority of UUs in North America are not actually members of UUA churches.  What isn’t as well known–beyond anecdote and supposition–is why that is, what the demographics of these free-rangers are, how they conduct their lives as “independent UUs,” and other related questions (Peter Bowden lists some of the reasons people don’t attend UU churches at his UU Growth Blog).  While the survey is not systematic (it casts a wide net hoping to snag willing participants, rather than methodically working with a representative sample size), it will be a good start toward better comprehension of the phenomenon of Unitarian Universalism beyond the congregations (hopefully Ms. Rogers will share her results when the project is completed).  If you are a UU who doesn’t belong to a church, please consider taking part in the short survey.  And if you know anyone who might fit the profile of a free-range UU, please pass the survey on to them.  The site link is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FreeRangeUUs


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