Dr. Emily Mace Hired as New Director of Harvard Square Library

Harvard Square Library, a project of First Parish in Cambridge (Mass.), has hired Dr. Emily Mace as their new director.  Dr. Mace is a great fit for the site: she was trained in liberal religious history at Princeton University, and she teaches on Unitarian Universalist topics for Starr King School for the Ministry.  For those unfamiliar with Harvard Square Library, it’s a website that includes biographies of important Unitarians and Universalists, as well as some documents by/about these figures (including entire books!).  Not surprisingly, it tends to have a particular focus on Cambridge and the Boston area (hardly inappropriate for UU history).



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3 responses to “Dr. Emily Mace Hired as New Director of Harvard Square Library

  1. A project of First Church in Cambridge (a UCC congregation)? Sounds more like something First Parish (UU) would do.

  2. Transient and Permanent

    Good question. The “About” page is broken on Harvard Square Library. Various attributions elsewhere list either First Church or First Parish. Hopefully someone associated with HSL will surf by the clear up the confusion.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Harvard Square Library indeed connected to First Parish UU, where the founding director, the Rev. Dr. Herbert Vetter, was Minister at Large for many years. One of my projects in the coming months is to work on navigability and basic site mechanics, including better information!

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